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Fill Your Shower With Natural Fragrance

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Shower steamers are another great way to receive the benefits of essential oils, especially for those that are time-starved or just simply prefer a shower to a bath. Just like using bath bombs in your tub, shower steamers have many aromatherapy benefits to make your shower much more enjoyable. Shower steamers fill your shower with beautiful, clean, and natural essential oil fragrance that can invigorate you for the day ahead, open your airways for cold/sinus relief, ease aching muscles, or relax you for a great nights sleep.

Shower steamers are made similar to a bath bomb but rather than placing them into a tub, the steamer is placed into a corner of the shower (either on a ledge or on the floor), where its out of the direct spray but will still get some water splashed on it. The splashing water activates the fizzing reaction and releases the essential oils into the air to creates a spa-like shower.

We’ve created different all-natural, essential oil-based, shower steamers that serve your body in a variety of ways. Enjoy!

For those mornings when you just can't get going, our invigorating shower steamer is just the thing to help wake you up. The combination of menthol crystals and the Rosemary Peppermint Fragrance and Essential Oil Blend will awaken your senses and help get you ready for the day. As water hits the steamer, it will release the scent!


Our Sinus Tablet is perfect for the shower or bath tub! Drop one in your bath or shower to disperse sinus-loving scents of camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. Simply allow contact with water and the tab will fizz, releasing a wonderful aromatic aroma.


Relax your sore muscles or headache tension with the soothing blend of eucalyptus, orange, rosemary and peppermint oils.


Tranquil yet soothing blend! Add this to your next shower or bath for the calming and soothing aromas of lavender and vanilla.


Help relieve your allergy symptoms with our Allergy Relief Shower Steamer! These steamers are infused with a blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils to help calm those allergy flair up's!