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Care For Our Four Legged Friends

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Plant Therapy's Pup & Pony line was created to provide a safe, natural, and effective method for supporting our beloved four-legged friends on their

journey to emotional and physical well-being. Plant Therapy understands the therapeutic properties of essential oils with humans and are now able to extend the same benefits to our animal companions in a safe and efficacious manner. Each Pup & Pony blend is specially formulated to address key issues that affect dogs and horses much like humans, including stress and anxiety, motion sickness, and immune health.

Plant Therapy's Pup & Pony products were created specifically for dogs and horses and are approved products intended for use with dogs and horses only. Plant Therapy does not recommend using these products on or around any other animals for reasons that include the animal's metabolic system, the size of the animal, delicate pH levels, as well as sensitive respiratory systems.

Aromatherapy does not replace veterinary care. If your animal has a medical condition or takes prescribed medications then we suggest working with your vet before using essential oils as an added benefit.

Confident K9 EO Blend

Confident K9 was formulated for dogs who struggle with being alone. This blend helps to promote relaxation, support confidence, and soothe worry. For behavioral issues ranging from excessive barking or shaking to chewing on belongings or clawing at your front door, Confident K9 can help.

While Confident K9 was created specifically with dogs in mind, it is also safe and effective for horses who may struggle with similar issues.


Horse Whisperer EO Blend

Just like humans, dogs and horses can develop fear and anxiety disorders after a traumatic experience. Trauma is especially common in rescue animals but can also occur during events we may not consider challenging, such as forced weaning, continuous use of ill-fitting tack, etc. This blend helps to calm and comfort animals while supporting their emotional healing process.

While Horse Whisperer was created specifically with horses in mind, it is also safe and effective for dogs who may struggle with similar issues.


Happy Trails EO Blend

Happy Trails was created to make traveling easier for your dogs and horses. Often times, our four-legged friends can experience motion sickness during travel. The scent of this blend is soothing to an upset stomach while also comforting to your animals so they stay calm and worry-free.


Paw Balm

Plant Therapy's Pup & Pony Paw Balm was formulated to moisturize dry, damaged paws and to offer protection from the elements. Paws that are dried out can be extremely uncomfortable for our dogs. Pup & Pony Paw Balm was created to help soothe, nourish, and comfort irritated and lack-luster paws.

This blend of protective beeswax, hydrating carrier oils, and soothing essential oils creates a moisturizing barrier and helps to restore skin health.


Paw Pal Diffuser

Plant Therapy's Paw Pal Diffuser is the perfect passive diffusion option for your furry friend. This beautifully designed 30mm pendant is made with surgical grade silver stainless steel. Its lobster clasp allows it to be clipped to a dog’s kennel or collar.

This cute and pet-friendly passive diffuser includes 5 multi-color felt pads. Dilute your favorite Pup & Pony blend and apply 1 drop to the felt pad so your dog can receive the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy without having to apply essential oils topically.